Saturday, June 2, 2012

snippets. one day i hope to generate original content again.

looks like the already-brilliant University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center has added a ton of interactive activities to their even-more-brilliant (if only b/c i get it :)) site on addiction.  go play!!  (mouse party is probably still my favourite, but some of the others will also make you crack a smile.

in other news: this is a great article b/c the sound bites are spot-on (i wish i could be so concise and articulate about such a tricky subject) and i want the book.  the inability to just FIND OUT what goes on in the brain with certain drugs (and, god forbid, eventually base policy on it) has been on my mind a lot, so i'm excited to see the idea get publicity.  

also: this article touches on a lot of issues dear to me, including media hysteria, the importance of a little knowledge (and patience), and unintended negative consequences of policy on public opinion and action.  well done, i say.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

video of me going on about addiction. and a good look up my nose.

here's a video of a talk i gave a couple of weeks back at Addictions Rounds to an audience of clinicians/treatment providers and researchers: "Addiction Neuroimaging: What is known, and (how) can it be used?"

unfortunately the beginning got cut off.  missing slides after the jump.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

on opiate risk reduction

a couple of days ago, i posted on a message board, following the loss of a member of the detroit dance community to a seemingly out-of-the-blue OD (then again, doesn't it always seem out of the blue....).  in any event, someone suggested i re-post it here, and i thought, why not!  so, voilĂ .  maybe it'll help me kick-start this thing back up like i've been meaning to for the past, oh, 2 years....... click below for the post.